Why Palate Expansion as a Treatment Option – Part II

Now that I’ve shared some of my current and past medical history, it’s time to share the other piece that led me down this path.

Hippy Days

At the age of 19, I discovered another way of existing in this world that resonated with me deeply. I started hanging out with a bunch of hippies. I had my punk rock friends too, but for some reason, through “health food”, homeopathy, homeschooling, Dead shows, and the like, I felt like I had found my tribe. I was convinced and it was further enforced for the next thirty years that being a vegetarian was the righteous path. I ate tofu, beans, and rice religiously, drank rice milk, learned to make my own bread, and seitan. Of course I eschewed junk food and loaded up on veggies and inferior proteins for years. I wasn’t a strict vegetarian, because I still craved meat like crazy. Continue reading


Why Palate Expansion as a Treatment Option – Part I

How did I arrive at palate expansion as a treatment I wanted to undergo?

This was the result of extensive information gathering and seeking the most holistic approach to my health care as possible. I’ll do my best to describe the conditions that I’ve found myself afflicted with over the years and at present.

Early Medical History

At the age of four, I was diagnosed with asthma and allergies to mold, soy, pollen, pet dander, dust, and lots of other things I don’t remember. To further compound my breathing issues, in my teens I was told that I had a deviated septum. Bronchitis, strep throat, and walking pneumonia were my seasonal companions. In my twenties, I was able to get the asthma and allergies under control with the assistance of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Continue reading

First Night With the mRNA Appliance

Today, July 2, 2015, I received my mRNA appliance. mRNA stands for mandibular Repositiong-Nighttime Appliance. This is an oral appliance that is primarily worn at night over a period of time that provides combined maxillo-mandibular correction. (dnaappliance.com) I’ll backtrack at points to explain what lead to this point in my life, though my immediate goal is to start a journal of my life and progresss with the appliance, and related health conditions, to share with others who may be experiencing similar health issues or seeking information about palate expansion.

Side note: I want to go back to this link and reread as it resonates with my experience and understanding, thus far, of palate expansion. http://ryan-koch.blogspot.com/2010/03/adult-palate-expansion.html Continue reading

The Great Humbling

…that’s what I’ve been calling it, that thing a lot of us seem to be experiencing as we watch our assets shrink, our liabilities increase, and our networks deteriorate.  At times, it can seem a sad state of affairs, at others, it feels like we knew all along that the ever increasing, hyper-complexity of our lives could not continue. It was a distorted game of musical chairs, and many secretly sighed a sigh of relief when it started to unravel. Continue reading