CPAP: Living With It or Not

mRNA Appliance & CPAP Update

The mRNA appliance is actually kind of awesome. I can feel it “doing something” which equates to meaningful change toward a permanent solution to my sleep apnea among other things. This past week, in addition to being able to breath through my nose for the first time in my life, my husband has declared my snoring to be just a soft purr or something like that. This is all improvement before starting CPAP. I still can’t tell much difference looking in the mirror, but my lower jaw is now freely moving forward and I can “feel” my top dental arch taking on a fuller shape. Continue reading


Missing My Blog

I’ve been lurking around my own blog lately, wondering what happened?  We were so close.  Then school came between us and things were never the same.

Truth be told, I think I have my blog to thank for providing a forum from which my true path was revealed.

While writing on (is it “in” or “on”?) a blog may encompass relevant course work, it is still another thing “to do” that takes away from the doing of other things.  When school work inundated my life, I thought I could keep it cohesive.  Then the prospect of shifting my career crept onto the scene, the garden expanded, community projects developed and something had to go.  It wasn’t going to be my sleep.

The blog will stay for now and I may even pick it up on occasion.  For the curious, I’ll be spending some of my free time contributing to or maintaining these other sites:

The 30A Guide

Sustaining SoWal

Coastal Plains Permaculture

The Last Night of Artistic Expression

As this chapter comes to a close and another chapter starts, I found my self sitting in the audience at my daughter’s high school on the Night of Artist Expression thinking to myself, this will be the last time we do this with J. I’ve found myself saying that a lot at just about every school function; the band parent meetings, the football half-time shows (it wasn’t about the football), Fall band competitions, band fundraisers, the holiday band concert, and the list goes on. Soon there will be other events to attend, not relating to high school. Until then, I thought I’d share a snippet from the show. It really is a snippet at 27 seconds and composed while jostling the cell phone about in the dark so as to obscure everything in sight. None the less, she was thrilled to see I had uploaded it to YouTube.

Oh yeah, she’s the drummer.

Stumbled across this…

word in the dictionary…

floccinaucinihilipilification (FLOK-sih-noh-see-NEE-hee-lee-PEE-lih-fih-KAY-shun)

The estimation of something as worthless, but it is usually used as an example of a very long word.

I was going to ask if someone could use that in a sentence, but it seems it’s been done enough times not to warrant a repeat.  Apparently the word was used in a Geico advertisement.  Who knew?