Crozat and DNA Appliance 6 Month Update

Updated photos at the bottom of post.

The title pretty much sums it up. Unfortunately, life got in the way of my DNA documentation and I’m behind. A lot of things have happened. The last update was on September 29th. At that point I had my upper mRNA appliance for approximately three months and my lower appliance for about six weeks. Around the beginning of October, my dentist switched my lower appliance for a new one that I was approved for, called a Crozat. Unlike the mRNA, it has no acrylic and no wires to hook on the upper appliance, so, my comfort has greatly improved. My dentist said I was making progress with my jaw coming forward and now it was time to use the Crozat to gently nudge my lower teeth out. If you recall in earlier posts, my severe underdevelopment, malocclusion, and tori are interfering with my breathing. We’re hoping that the Crozat does its job and there will not be a need for surgery to remove the tori. We’ll see.

I’ve been using the Crozat all day and night except when eating and I’ve seen remarkable change. We had to change the turning of the upper appliance to one half turn every four days because my teeth were very sore turning a full turn every five to seven days. Last week I had expanded my appliance as far as it could go and it was time for a new one. They took new upper impressions and today I received my new appliance. I already love it more. Much less acrylic, no side wings to catch a lower appliance, and it feels less bulky.

I continue to use the CPAP. I still hate it, but I feel so much better using it, so, I carry on. I imagine they will be testing me soon to see how I’m sleeping without it. Some nights I don’t wear it and I usually don’t sleep well. I drove from Florida to Maryland over the holidays and didn’t fall asleep at the wheel once. Yay me! CPAP has been good for that. As for appliance changes, since the Crozat has moved my lower teeth out, I have noticed a huge change in how my tongue feels in my mouth. It almost sits in the bottom of my mouth as it should, where as before, I had no choice but to rest it between my teeth because it simply didn’t fit in my mouth.

Next, I have some tongue, lip, and jaw exercises that I need to master. I’m also getting back on a stricter primal diet to lessen inflammation. In two days I’ll start adjusting the new upper appliance. Six months down, at least twelve months to go. Here’s to an amazing start to 2016!

2015-07-06 15-11-04 -0500
July 6, 2015
2016-01-05 16-38-53 -0600
January 5, 2016
2015-07-06 08-37-51 -0500
July 6, 2015
January 5, 2016 – left molar has moved
Start of Treatment
After 6 months
New DNA appliance








5 thoughts on “Crozat and DNA Appliance 6 Month Update

  1. Great results! You are lucky! 🙂 Would you say that the bottom one works well? Does it change the position of the teeth or also the lower jaw? I have crowding in both the upper and lower jaw, but I’m hesitant to extract teeth. Maybe what you’re doing would allow me to not extract.

  2. Hi Rolf, thanks for reading and commenting. Both appliances have worked tremendously well. I still have about 6 months of treatment, though my last sleep test indicated that my AHI score had gone from 41 to 9. I went from having severe sleep apnea to mild. From everything I have read, I would not have any teeth extracted, if you can help it. I had four teeth extracted as a teenager due to crowding and to prepare for braces. This is a huge mistake and I would run from any dentist who recommends extracting perfectly healthy teeth. My dentist from my childhood said my teeth were too large for my mouth. The best way to correct for crowding is to expand the jaw and maintain a nice wide and rounded arch. Take a look at Dr. Weston A. Price’s work. Recent studies may differ some from his theories, though his original observations of indigenous cultures eating appropriate diets and having no caries and perfect dental arches is spot on. I wish you well.

  3. Thank you for your reply, and congrats on your sleep apnea values! I will keep an eye out for your updates on this blog. I’ve more or less decided to go with the dna appliance as well. I’m happy i found your blog and other blogs that show that it works.

    It doesn’t seem like there are many places that have the dna in Europe though. In east asia, USA, and Australia there were plenty of places you could get them, but not in europe. You would think there is a large unmet market. I’m in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and London seems to be the closest. It’s within my range though.

    Would you say that the appliance pushes more on the teeth or more on the jaw? My front teeth are already protruding a lot so I’m a little worried the appliance will make them protrude even more. Also, if you don’t mind me asking, approximately how much does it cost to get it all done? I heard $6000 + dentists appointments.

  4. Also, I can see your teeth are getting straighter. Are you using braces as well or are they just aligning as there is more space?

  5. Hi! Are you still reading/responding to this, by any chance? I need your help! Was wondering if you might be willing to chat with me a little about your experience or at least let me know who your dentist/epigenetic orthodontist is? I’ve been researching for months and have been having a really, really hard time finding someone. Yours seems incredibly well-versed and thorough. Would love to hear from you; thank you so much! Nicole 🙂

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