Mouth Breathing, Sleep Apnea, and Depression

mRNA Update

My research on Epigenetic Orthodontics has led me down a deep rabbit hole, but first, an appliance update. I’m now into week three of wearing the mRNA appliance and I’ll be picking up my APAP machine next week. I have mixed feelings about that which I’ll explain later. My teeth have shifted enough now that I can almost touch the two front and bottom teeth together for the first time since my twenties. There is still pressure in the roof of my mouth and breathing through both nostrils is now a regular event.

Quantifying Genetic & Environmental Influences

I want to share some of the information I’ve come across recently on epigenetic orthodontics, mouth breathing, and related health issues. So many things are making sense now. I already knew about whole body care and holistic medicine and treating the illness and not the symptoms, but what I’m beginning to question is what I believed to be the root cause of many of my health issues. I’m looking deeper and like peeling away the layers of an onion, revealing the links between each of my health problems all the way back to the womb. I have a dear friend who is a midwife and advocate for gentle, natural child birth and breastfeeding. I too sit in the same camp, but defining the tangible and quantifiable advantages are often difficult when we can’t say for certain how genetics and environment are going to affect each life throughout the course of time.

Looking back on my own life, I think I was breastfed, but probably switched to formula at some point. I know for certain I was at the ENT doctor from the early age of four. Who knows what issues my mother had with me before then. I’ve been a mouth breather since at least that time because it was impossible to breath out of my nose. My inhaler was my best friend and ER visits were common. Here’s a link that touches on mouth breathing, facial structure, and related health hazards. It’s obvious to me now that my facial structure never fully developed, setting off a chain of events and consequences. I wonder now if some of my past extreme depression and suicidal thoughts could have been the result of my facial structure. Here’s a post from WAPF that indicates there may be more of a connection between mental and dental health than we think.

Chronic Anxiety & Nitric Oxide

Also of mention in the post above is respiratory distress creating an “amped-up sympathetic nervous system” that is linked to chronic anxiety. Another grave disadvantage of mouth breathing is the lack of necessary nitric oxide. When we breath through our nose, nitric oxide is produced and this wonderful gas kills bacteria, increases oxygen uptake, relaxes blood vessels, and is related to insulin sensitivity, think diabetes. Here’s a link to a more in-depth article about the benefits of breathing through the nose.

See? This is the deep rabbit hole and it goes further. I can’t help but conclude that my increased feelings of diminished mental capacity, chronic fatigue, and completely stressed adrenals stem from 46 years of mouth breathing. Through diet, stress reduction, and general shifts in lifestyle, I’ve relieved myself to the maximum extent possible from the clutches of symptoms that have plagued me for years. I’m a highly functioning individual given the years of oxygen deprivation fueled chronic fatigue. So, the next question is, how much more can my health improve and what can I achieve personally and professionally through palate expansion and subsequent improved breathing?

More to come on natural palate expansion, nasal breathing, and primal living.


One thought on “Mouth Breathing, Sleep Apnea, and Depression

  1. I totally feel like this applies to my life as well! I have been suffering from depression on and off for the last few years. I also never noticed I was really a mouth breather till recently, while looking into invisaligns. I too believe my face has not fully developed due to years of mouth breathing! I am 25 turning 26 in a few days and this is all hitting me like a ton of bricks! It’s incredible how my anxiety, depression, fatigue, facial underdevelopment are all LINKED! Thanks for the post… I am not alone!

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