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I receive a tremendous amount of “call to action” e-mails from organizations I belong to, most of which I skim through for juicy tidbits.  Sometimes I may forward them to another friend, but mostly, I like to live and let live.  I have a friend that e-mails me updates on local environmental news as it’s unfolding.  He/she is a dear, but it doesn’t take too many of these e-mails and I feel overwhelmed and/or helpless.  Living in Florida with a depressed economy, the e-mails are mounting, as one program after another is being slashed.

This morning I decided to share one of these e-mails from Green America, formerly Co-op America, with my readers. I’m selfishly motivated, I admit. Not selfish in a “let’s see how many readers I can trick into looking at my site” sort of way but, in an entertainment sort of way.  I have an odd number tick…I mean ‘unusual’…heh.  I’m not one of those people that can do all kinds of theoretical math equations in my head.  I just like to play with simple numbers.  I’m way off track now. Anyway…

Here’s the links I want to share:  7 Fixes from the Green Economy (long version) (short version)  This is an article that was shared with the Obama Transition Team about transitioning our current broken economy into a green economy. Whether or not I agree these are the steps that need to be taken, I do agree that the way our economy operates is based on ever increasing exploitation of the planet.  When the money is flowing, the planet is suffering and ultimately, we are undermining human existence. This is a simple concept to grasp.  When I’m doing well at my job, I spend more money on stuff.  This stuff comes from raw materials somewhere. (This is the shortened version of ‘The Story of Stuff’.) We have to rethink our relationship with money (the economy) in order to stop the destruction around us.


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