Plant Families

oh, there’s just something righteous about harvesting your own food for lunch. The mini-hoop house is working out splendidly. The only exception is that the collards are stressed, though, the peppers are loving it. Today I harvested a head of buttercrunch lettuce, three radishes, a pepper and a salad spinner full of collards. I also started a flat of cress and a flat of rocket, which I’m intentionally calling ‘rocket’ instead of arugula. Maybe ‘rocket’ will become the new must-have salad green. I know, that’s already a reality, it just goes by the name of arugula.

Rocket is in the mustard, cabbage, or Cruciferous family. When learning about plant families, they are easier to remember when you can start to identify patterns of the different families. As example, flowers of cruciferous plants have 4 petal flowers, resembling a cross and the seed pods always form in a radial pattern around the stalk. Anyhow, if you grow you’re own rocket or other greens from the mustard family, let them go to seed and check out the flowers and seed pods.


One thought on “Plant Families

  1. Hey! Glad to see you are still hanging out in cyberspace — neat stuff in the last two posts.

    I will be in your area the first week of Feb for business (my fam is coming with me, too) if you would like to meet up for dinner. Please shoot me an e-mail at peakoilengineer [at] if you are interested and we can sort out details. It’s always great to chat with sustainably-minded folks first-hand 🙂

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