Missing My Blog

I’ve been lurking around my own blog lately, wondering what happened?  We were so close.  Then school came between us and things were never the same.

Truth be told, I think I have my blog to thank for providing a forum from which my true path was revealed.

While writing on (is it “in” or “on”?) a blog may encompass relevant course work, it is still another thing “to do” that takes away from the doing of other things.  When school work inundated my life, I thought I could keep it cohesive.  Then the prospect of shifting my career crept onto the scene, the garden expanded, community projects developed and something had to go.  It wasn’t going to be my sleep.

The blog will stay for now and I may even pick it up on occasion.  For the curious, I’ll be spending some of my free time contributing to or maintaining these other sites:

The 30A Guide

Sustaining SoWal

Coastal Plains Permaculture


One thought on “Missing My Blog

  1. Elitrope,
    Glad to see you’re still around. I definitely understand the issue of finding time to work on your blog. I hope you (and I!) can find more time in the future.
    Good luck!

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