The Last Night of Artistic Expression

As this chapter comes to a close and another chapter starts, I found my self sitting in the audience at my daughter’s high school on the Night of Artist Expression thinking to myself, this will be the last time we do this with J. I’ve found myself saying that a lot at just about every school function; the band parent meetings, the football half-time shows (it wasn’t about the football), Fall band competitions, band fundraisers, the holiday band concert, and the list goes on. Soon there will be other events to attend, not relating to high school. Until then, I thought I’d share a snippet from the show. It really is a snippet at 27 seconds and composed while jostling the cell phone about in the dark so as to obscure everything in sight. None the less, she was thrilled to see I had uploaded it to YouTube.

Oh yeah, she’s the drummer.


3 thoughts on “The Last Night of Artistic Expression

  1. you’ll be happy to know that i have a sweet lil dvd handycam now. we’ll try to run it constantly over graduation. whoohoo! i’m so proud of that little one…

  2. wow – that brought tears to my eyes. i feel like i’ve missed the whole second half of her life so far. i can only imagine how you must feel.

    she’s an amazing young woman and you should be a proud mama. she’s blessed to have had you as her mom!

    i love you two!

  3. Oh, those “this is the last time we’ll ever…..” moments. I have had LOTS of those this year (P’s senior year in h.s., before he heads out into the wide world)!

    And I had lots of those moments last year too– T’s last year at Seaside, before going to boarding school. I have been grateful for well-worn bandanas — soft nose- and eye-wipers I’ve been using a lot lately.


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