Gazing at my potato tops this afternoon, I began wondering if it would be worth the effort to gather up the litter of pine bark detritus left behind from the woodpecker foraging and create my own mulch.  There’s quite a pile all around the perimeter of the tree, in fact the ground is starting to look like an extension of the tree.  There are huge plates of bark still remaining on the trunk, which I decided needed further inspection after hearing what I thought were bark beetles scurrying under the surface.

I know, you all are probably wondering, what does this have to do with sustainability?  Well, one of my first courses in the Sustainable Community Development program is Bioregional Ecology, in which I’ll be studying major flora, fauna and other components of local ecosystems.  From there I’ll be analyzing how knowledge of these components relate to building sustainable human communities.

So, I pulled off this piece of bark and this was the first thing I saw. Amazing, isn’t it, how the stamp and the paperclip were stuck behind that piece of bark?  I think it warrants a spot in my Ecology Journal.


And now for some chunk o’ bark scale:


I wonder if the woodpeckers eat baby scorpions too.

More in a bit, heading over to the high school to see J perform at the Night of Artistic Expression.  She and her band are playing a song by Deerhoof.


5 thoughts on “Exoskeleton

  1. uh… that’s a scorpion. uh…

    so wait… the stamp, the paperclip and the scorpion were stuck behind the bark? how in the world… make that a test question.

  2. My dear Mistress, why ofcourse I know. As I was informing C., this is a stamp tree that secretes papersclips..and everyone knows one of the most delicious things scorpions like to lick is the glue on the back of stamps. Um..the paper clips dangle from the edge of the limbs and fall neatly to the ground…they’re very rare trees. I think the latin name for this tree is ‘stampalickaclipous’

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