Garden Update

Not much to report around here, since I’m all into the school thing now, so I thought I’d share my latest purchase from Heirloom Seeds.

Rapidtest Soil Test Kit – hopefully I can figure out what’s wrong with my beets and carrots

The Real Poop – organic fertilizer

Vegetable Food – organic fertilizer

Floating Row Cover – Not sure if I need it or if it works, we’ll see

Jute Twine

Jiffy Seed Starting Pellets

American Spinach

Bloody Butcher Tomato

Brightest Breakfast radish

Miniature White Cucumber – certified organic

Rosa Bianca Eggplant – certified organic

As for the Romaine, we still have about 13 heads left in the EarthBox.  They turned out well for being crammed in there like sardines.  The mesclun has just about run its course.  The garlic and purple potatoes are doing really well at about 8″ tall with lots of leaves.  The beets, carrots and onions are doing zilch.  They are still only a couple inches tall.  I think it’s the rain and cloudy weather we seem to have an abundance of these days.

Cos romaine

purple potatoes



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