Post Prescott

Well…I just don’t know where to begin.  Really, it was a lot of information to take in and process for one week.

As usual, I greatly enjoyed my visit with “the m” and child, also I’m extremely appreciative that she gave up her bedroom for me last week.  The city of Prescott itself was fairly uneventful during this time, though it was quite cold, hence riding with the top down (see previous post) was kept to a minimum.

On the last day of orientation, a group of us (students) went on an adventure to Thumb Butte during which we determined that no one in my car had prior experience of riding in a convertible, therefore meriting the “minimum” occasion to shed the top.  We were quite a sight, wrapped in down coats, sporting hats and scarves blowing in the wind, braving the 30+ degree weather.  That was certainly a highlight among many.

Overall, the orientation was a well choreographed experiment in alternative gathering and educating.  They fed us well with a wide variety of food fit for omnivores, locavores, vegans, lacto-vegetarians and those that just love to get our grub on with some excellent chow.  We had various workshops that were sprinkled with personal exchange from the Faculty.  We gathered in different groups and introduced ourselves again and again, each time revealing something new that would peak someone else’s interest.  We learned about writing our curriculum contracts beginning with a mind map.  We wrote pseudo contracts about dancing bears and the colorology of M & M’s.  We learned the importance, responsibility, and implications of creating our own learning experience and how in this world to begin self learning.  I learned this as well, it all starts with a vision statement and a helluva lot of nerve to take on the task of creating one’s own educational path.  As the mantra goes at Prescott College, education is a journey, not a destination.

Some of us shed a few tears as we summed up our weekend experiences and realized our small intimate group would soon be dispersing to all corners of the country to take on this task of educating ourselves and our communities.  On a final note, as orientation was drawing to a close, we were asked to imagine (3) goals that we would do upon returning home that would assist us on our journeys.  Then we were encouraged to wander amongst ourselves until we were stopped and then further instructed to share our goals with the person nearest to us.

my goals:

  • buy a bicycle to use for leisure, as well as, to begin to realize a life less dependant on the car
  • create my “academic action calendar”
  • update my blog with school related info



11 thoughts on “Post Prescott

  1. as always, it was so wonderful to have you. i really missed you this time when you left, even though i was more than excited to sleep in my bed.

    you’re going to continue doing great things, mama. and it is a journey – one you are fully prepared for.

    love you!

  2. Congrats on going back to school. I did the same as you and received a BA in Humanities with an Emphasis in Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Community from New College of California in 2004. In fact, I am in this photo: The program and educational format seems similar to your own. Most of the students were much younger than myself. Nonetheless, I learned much from my cohorts and thrived on their hopeful vitality and can-do attitudes. I graduated in 2004, have attended 2 alumni reunions, and stay in touch with my classmates and instructors. As time goes by, the program and experience has actually increased in value for me. My instructor, by the way, was Richard Heinberg. I was so lucky. The school really helped to validate my beliefs and lifestyle choices. I am now working on becoming less energy and consumer dependent. Also, I completed my masters this past December. Good luck.

  3. Jodi – thanks for sharing your experience. I feel similar in that this experience will grow to encompass and transform the rest of my life. Richard Heinberg – that’s so cool and congrats on your masters.

  4. Hey, I am ready to sign up for the EAT class in Asheville, and Hub is pushing me to get my deposit in ASAP!

    Are you going? Should we try and bring a whole bunch of us from SoWal? I can think of at least 3 girlfriends who would be interested…..

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