Sustainable & Peak Oil Ambitions

It’s that time of year when many people begin to think about their New Years resolution(s).  I gave up indulging in such thoughts years ago when I realized it was a sure set-up for failure and self loathing.  What I am in the habit of doing at the end of the year is creating 1 year and 3-5 year goals.  Since this is the time of year I usually travel to see family, this is a great way to kill time while on the plane or while taking a driving break.

Sometimes I look back at the previous years goals (if I can find the little piece of paper where the chicken scratch goals are scrawled) and chuckle to myself how unrealistic THAT particular goal was.  Usually, there are a few items I can feel good about accomplishing.  For the most part, I can look back and see where improvements can be made, either with the goal itself or how the goal is written.

Sometimes I lump the personal goals together with my business goals.  I’ve decided they need to be separate, in fact, it’s probably time to re-do a complete business plan.  This year I’ll also be starting college and preparing my own curriculum, so I’ll probably have to create a separate list for educational goals.  So, I’ll have (3) lists I’ll refer to throughout the year as a map of where I hope to go: business plan, educational goals, and personal goals.

This years personal goals will include the usual: eat better food, exercise more, spend more time with family, etc. with the inclusion of defining “more” and “better”.  Those terms are just too vague and can’t be accurately measured.  My list will also be heavily influenced by the goal of sustainability in the event of energy decline as well as passive survivability in the event of catastrophic events, the most likely event for my area being a hurricane.  *That was a lot of “events”.  We are somewhat prepared in terms of boarding up and evacuation, but in case we are unable to leave, there are things we can do that will make our lives easier.  Seeing as how we aren’t moving anytime soon, it’s time to at least go through the motions.

Here’s a few items from my personal list that I see as minimal:

  • install 1 rain barrel
  • increase garden sq. ft. from 36 to 50 sq. ft.
  • 7-10 day foraging experiment
  • learn to knit
  • re-learn how to can and purchase necessary supplies
  • purchase a bicycle
  • build or purchase solar dehydrator and solar oven
  • purchase hand crank radio
  • purchase solar charger for cell phones
  • Storm Stopper hurricane protection for second story windows
  • assemble complete emergency bucket that is ready at all times

I’m sure this list will grow and be revised over the next few weeks.  I’ll probably add a time frame to the items as well.


5 thoughts on “Sustainable & Peak Oil Ambitions

  1. i’ve got you covered on the knitting front… wait, does e. know about the 7-10 day foraging experiment? i want to hear about that one when it happens!!

  2. No, he doesn’t and he probably won’t know unless he reads my blog. I’m not expecting his willing participation on this one, so this will be my own experiment that will probably be mentioned casually in passing. E. is an optimist in the Peak Oil arena. He believes it will happen, but probably not in his life time and we’ll seemlessly transition to other energy sources without any “real” sacrifice from individuals. He can’t and won’t imagine a world without his VW, A/C and his computer. Oh, hi hon…

  3. Hurricane preps are on my list as well. I installed removable hurricane panels this past year, which was oh so much fun — I got to learn the joy of drilling into masonry and the difference between a *regular* drill and a *hammer* drill. 🙂
    Now I need to focus on a reinforced garage door and putting lexan over the small windows…

  4. You guys are too much. Umm yeah, ‘Oh hi hon, right back atcha!’ 7-10 day foraging experiment? I don’t even know what the hell that means? Trying local plants to eat? Hiking in the woods? wilderness camping? Anyway, C is right..I am an optimist-although she doesn’t do me justice by grouping me with other pessimest with the I belive that ‘we’ll seemless transition to other energy sources without any real sacrifice.’ That’s a load of crap-and she knows that. I do belive it will happen-where my optimisim comes is as she states that I don’t think it’ll happen in my lifetime. When it comes- and I do belive it will- I do not believe it will be a seemless transition…it will require sacrifice and I think the whole way we live now will be different. As C says doesn’t mean worse off-just means we live differently. Will technology come into play by then? absolutely. In what form-I really don’t know. Will it be the end all and be all cure? No, I really don’t think so. Do I belive we need to step up our involement in environmental thinking? You bet. Do, I belive we need to participate more actively in local gov’ts and national gov’t to get the environmental changes we need now? Absolutely. Do I think my sigther is a little nutty? You bet…but not bec. she belives in peak oil. As she says, suppose what’s the worst thing that’s happen? she learned to live off the land and be prepared for any diaster natural or other wise that may happen…and those aren’t bad skills to learn. However, I do think she’s correct in her thinking…we just differ over time of when these events might happen. So in the end, I support her in her foraging experiment-so long as I get to watch my NYYankee’s come this Spring.

  5. you have all you need for hurricane preparedness already… board up and get thine asses to nashville. it has worked in the past and will always work again (well, unless i’m not in nashville and then it would be a pretty boring place, ha!).

    as for self-loathing and resolution lists… understood. i never make them and if i do, the list only includes things that i’ve already done (so that way i can quickly scratch through it). lists are always best prepared this way. it gives me a great sense of accomplishment. but it takes a particular type of person to do that… heh.

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