Mustard Greens Abound

I’m inclined to giving updates lately, so an update on my gardening attempts is in order.

The two EarthBoxes that I planted Cos Romaine and Mesclun are doing very well.  Although, I didn’t thin the Cos when it first sprouted, so now it has become very crowded and leggy.  That’s ok, as I have taken to thinning it now and adding the baby leaves in with the mesclun for salads.  This is working well as the remaining plants are quickly filling in and becoming crunchier.  The mesclun is also a bit over crowded and over run with mustard greens, which I like but not as the predominant green in my salad.  The mustard grows faster and larger than the other greens so they seem to be fighting for space and light.  Next time, I’ll be more careful about planting the seeds.  Fortunately, Elvis the rabbit really enjoys all my clippings from the garden, even mustard.

The other thing that seems to be affecting my salad greens is this freaky weird, warm winter weather we’re having.  With the temperature between 75-80 the past week, the plants sometimes look a little wilted or like they want to bolt.  They’re just not quite sure what they’re suppose to do.

The peppers are finally done in the third EarthBox, but I noticed today there was new growth and some new flowers.  This weekend they’ll be composted and I’ll start another box of something.  I haven’t figured out what just yet.

In the one raised bed, I’ve started bull’s blood beets, chanteney carrots, lisbon onions, a couple purple potatoes and some garlic.  I don’t have any books on gardening, so I’m really just winging it and finding whatever info. on the internet I can.  I found an interesting site on companion planting which I consulted with before deciding to plant such a hodge podge of veggies all together.  We’ll see if it works out.   


13 thoughts on “Mustard Greens Abound

  1. that’s it – i’m coming there. i’m hungry and really want something green right now. frederick is filled with sauces and cheese.

  2. yes, usually my favorites too unless you don’t have a choice…

    funny, tonight we were playing Congo and the question i got was to estimate how many punds of cheese i had eaten in my lifetime… can you guess?

  3. Ooo! I CAN! I CAN! Since I saw that naked picture of you and C- I’d judge you’ve had 5lbs of cheese…yup only 5 lbs. you and Sigther are similair in shape therefore you both have small boobs and butts.Thus, I scientifically conclude there’s no possible way you could have more cheese than 5 lbs of cheese in your lifetime.

  4. so that was very flattering E. very flattering indead… but i have to say the answer was somewhere around 4000 lbs. yup 4000 lbs. and that probably didn’t count the last 6 months of my pregnancy when i would open the fridge, grab a block of cheese and stand there eating the whole thing while looking for something to eat.

    and yeah, why didn’t you mention E’s mastery of the circular saw?

  5. I totally can relate. Like when I first picked up Cool cat. BOY! those first 6 months were stressful! Eating was all i could do… for a while there I was so big if I gained just 10 more pounds- I’d be a complete circle! Luckily it was the mastery of circular sawing that made me drop those extra pounds. I even won state championships in circular saw compitions.

  6. cheese does make everything better. but bacon makes it even more better. just one more earthbox and you’ll have the room needed to yummy bacon bushes and cheese trees. i can hardly contain myself.

    as for mustard greens, throw them in a cooker with some water and a ham hock. plate and douse with vinegar. or at least that’s how i’ve had collard greens and kale. what do i know? 😉

  7. um, yeah…I’ll get started on those right away. BTW – lauri, did I tell you that I made the pineapple wrapped bacon for our 70’s party and of course, it was a smash hit.

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