Starbucks Update

Remember the post I did on Starbucks?  I mentioned that we have 7 Starbucks in a 12 mile radius, well, 3 more have opened since.  If I expand the radius to 20 miles, I can count 2 more, one at each of the new Targets.  That’s 12 or 0.6 Starbucks per mile or 1.2 Starbucks per 2 miles.  However you look at it, its a lot of Starbucks concentrated in one area.  I won’t speculate why at the moment, just thought it odd, redundant, maybe even a bit excessive.  Don’t you think? 


8 thoughts on “Starbucks Update

  1. apparently, most people have a higher starbucks saturation than you! i read about a guy that had 169 within a 5-mile radius of his work (in nyc, of course). i only have 7 within a 5-mile radius.

    what’s most strange is that i can only think of two times in my life that i’ve even had starbucks coffee (not counting those sweet little bottled drinks from the mini-mart).

    for fun, go watch the “mr. corporation” video here:

  2. ohmigod…I guess I don’t get out enough, I failed to see that Santa Rosa Beach was in fact “normal” or even perhaps below par on the Starbucks saturation scale. Who knew? I wonder how that equates per capita?

  3. and Prescott only has two that i can think of, not counting PV and Chino. but then again, the redneck riviera is much more hoity-toity than the redneck sahara.

  4. there was a big article in USA today (today the 20th) that focused on the starbucks marketing plan (high visability) and that they are running many smaller cafe’s and coffee roasters out of business. thought it was interesting timing…

    made me not want to support them even more that i already don’t…

  5. A great reason to patronize the gals down the beach at Coffee Bean Queens where the java is blended and roasted on site, its all organic, and a heck of a lot better from a manual expresso machine than the new “any fast food employee can work it” expresso machines at Starbucks.

  6. that is the article i was talking about. i couldn’t find the link to it… i’m sure the SoWallers are thinking that – as they should!

  7. That’s a good article in support of the small guys. BTW, I also recently read where a Starbuck’s barista (I think thats eye-talian for coffee jockey) in NYC is trying to organize a Barista’s Union. I bet that’ll sure give the UAW a run for there money! I can see it now..”Hwy 30A temporarily closed due to union violence at Starbuck’s”…

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