In Preparation

I am compelled to revisit a topic that I’m deeply interested in and I believe is inextricably connected to global warming, sustainability and well, just about anything you could imagine.  I read the Energy Bulletin every day and I keep up with half a dozen other related sites including one of my fav’s, Sharon Astyk’s blog.  The topic is Peak Oil, which I’ve shyed away from commenting too much on because I believe there is a certain amount of processing and information gathering that one does before espousing to the world their true feelings on the subject.  After all, I believe the initial reaction from most is to associate “doomer” with believing in Peak Oil and no one wants to hear or entertain the idea that their lifestyle may in some way be threatened.  I was reminded of my outward projected “peaknik”-ness this week when my post about being a “peaknik” was linked to another blog.  I have to share the context, though I won’t know until after this weekend if a agree.

When the same work of art [Mel Gibson’s, Apocalypto] manages to offend both neocons and politically correct liberals, you know it’s got to be good. This film, by the most public Traditionalist Catholic, seems to be the film for Palæoconservatives, Palæolibertarians, Reactionary Radicals, Peakniks, and their fellow travellers.

Of course, I couldn’t help but be somewhat flattered by the idea of being the poster child for the term “peaknik”.  Makes me chuckle.  Though we all know, my post was just one of the first ones to “pop up” on that particular search engine.  So, I won’t deny that I am indeed a peaknik, although the term “reactionary radicals” drew some interest.  Oh, whatever, the point is, this blogger thinks Apocalypto is the movie for “us”.  We’ll see.  Do you see what I mean?  I can only assume at this point, since I haven’t seen the movie, that this blogger is inferrring that the movie sums up, parallels or supports our belief in a coming apocalypse.

I’m here to tell everyone, no one knows what the future holds and there are a tremendous amount of wonderfully written blogs and articles to support any theory one chooses to accept: an apocolypse, a peaceful powerdown transition, a continuation of business as usual, etc.  The facts are, very few of us are truly prepared for a long term, wide spread catastrophe and it’s difficult to rally people to take action when the threat is only tangible in the form of a theory.  My personal thoughts on the subject are to hope for the best, prepare for the worst and simultaneously work toward bringing about local change.  What is the worst possible outcome if I plan accordingly and the apocolypse never happens?  Well, I’ll probably have a fabulous garden, learn a few survival skills that could prove to be useful, reduce my ecological footprint and I may become more connected with other like minded individuals in my community.  Call me crazy, but that sounds like positive change, apocalypse or no apocalypse.  In light of this revelation, I’ve decided I’d like to become a more prominent female voice in the male dominated peak oil arena.  Not that I’m turning this into a gender thing, just read Sharon’s article at

Before I go, I want to share an article I read in the Asian Times.  This is for those of you who still hold on to this idea that we are fighting in Iraq for democracy and our freedom.  Due to short attention spans, I know some of you won’t read it so I’ll give you the one sentence overview.

The withdrawal of US troops (not!) seems to be directly connected to a new oil law (imagine that) being passed by the Iraqi Parliament that would privatize Iraq’s oil industry, essentially opening up exploration to local and international companies.

What that says to me in layman terms is that US troops will remain in Iraq to “defend” or protect our energy interests.  Why would they need to do this?  Because the US is the largest consumer of oil and our way of life depends on its cheap availability.  In other words, in order for us (Americans) to continue to drive inefficient cars, buy plastic doo-dads, feed ourselves, jetset all over the world, build second and third homes, keep our closets stuffed with the latest fashions, construct one strip mall after another, we need to sacrifice a few thousand troops and Iraqi civilians.  They are just people; men, women, fathers, mothers, children.  Oh I know we are in a pickle, to pull out or not to pull out, buy a Prius or an Escalade, build an energy efficient modest home or a Mcmansion.  Decisions, decisions…  It’s definitely a fight to defend our freedoms, that’s something I can’t argue.


One thought on “In Preparation

  1. In the end, you are correct: prepare for the worst and hope for the best. There’s nothing wrong with broadening our horizons further.
    The Asian times just speaks plainly what we all know this administrations war was all about: obtaining the rights to oil in iraq: plain and simple.

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