Fill Sand

This ties to yesterdays post regarding the soil or lack thereof in my yard.  My daughter just pulled an all-nighter finishing up her project for the school science fair.  She’s semi interested in ecology, but really, I don’t expect that will be the direction she heads.  Anyhow, her experiment was to grow wheat grass in three different soils and chart their progress.  The findings were as expected, though it’s still amazing to see the actual results.  Here’s the photo.  The row on the left is grown in sand taken from the road, which is similar in composition to the fill they used for our lot.  The row in the middle is store bought, enriched potting soil, specifically formulated for starting seeds.  The row on the right is compost taken right out of the bottom of our compost bin.  I think the results speak for themselves!



8 thoughts on “Fill Sand

  1. the difference in those three is amazing. looks like that compost is doin ya good. how long did it take them to grow to this stage?

  2. Would love learn to compost.

    My in-laws here have a compost bin but they mix in cooked food and bones. It just doesn’t work. I must somehow learn then teach them the “right” way. Such a waste since we grow a lot of our own vegetables. Probably can do better with proper compost.

    Thanks for showing me this.

  3. make sure you let us know what kind of grade young jordo got on the project…

    and as a side note… alpaca dung is supposed to make *fabulous* compost! 😉

  4. 103,
    This is probably my most successful compost attempt and you’re right about the cooked food and bones. Maybe you can teach them to be better composters. I have a pre-constructed bin, which I layer inside with kitchen scraps (veg., fruit, egg shells, coffee grinds), rabbit poop, leaves, and chopped yard debris. Once a week I water it a little and mix it up a bit. I was so amazed the first time I opened the bottom of the bin, I had to call the whole family over to share. I don’t think they are as excited about compost as I am.

  5. hey, i think lauri’s on to something…. an alpaca farm! and we could add spitting llama’s. is your mama a llama? think about it… lola and satya would be soooo happy!

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