Beets in Need of a Forever Home

It’s no wonder the average U.S. citizen often finds the choice of becoming somewhat more self sufficient as an inconceivable and exhaustible task better left to the ‘survivalist’ nut jobs.  I just want to have a beautiful and fruitful garden, in spite of its smallness, to assist in reducing my food purchases and dependence on the ‘system’.  I suppose that if it were easy, then yeah, lots more people would be doing it.  The seedling are coming along fine.  No problems there, actually, there aren’t any problems.  It’s all just a matter of wanting to do something bad enough.

So, I called the Growers Supply to order the pond liner, raised bed thing only to be informed by the sales person that the liner wasn’t really a good choice for a raised vegetable garden.  It did read in the catalogue “Commercial raised beds for $0.95 per sq. ft!”, but my interpretation was obviously incorrect.  None the less, I was back to square one, of what to make the raised beds that won’t cost two months worth of groceries.

I finally heard back from my neighbor regarding the urbanite.  No go, they have another friend that has already hit them up for it.  That’s too bad, though I’m relieved to know it won’t end up in the landfill just yet.

Finally, I decide this weekend that I have to figure out the garden situation as the beets are just about ready to be transplanted.  I remembered that the past tenants left some scrap lumber lying about in the backyard of the bungalow.  Turns out to be some nice pieces of 2x6x10’s, NOT pressure treated.  So, I decided by using the scrap (FREE) lumber, I could treat myself to a new circular saw, to cut the lumber.  I figure the saw will come in handy for future projects.  For small projects and in the event of scarce electricity, I also have a sharptooth hand saw, which I highly recommend.  In case you’re wondering why I don’t just plant my garden in the existing ground, saving myself the trouble of building a bed, it’s because I’m only about 10′ above sea level and the soil is mostly fill sand, not even suitable for the native vegetation.  Any attempt to amend the sand would be futile without means to contain the amended soil.

With a little gathering, sawing and assembling, the (2) 5’x3’x1′ beds were made this weekend.  BTW, the sigther took to this project with great enthusiasm and was instrumental in keeping up morale (and assembly).  Since the wood was free, I’m not going to sweat the fact that it will probably rot away in a couple years or that it might attract termites.  It is what it is, for now.

Today, I called a few places about the possibility of having some mushroom compost delivered.  Seems easy enough.  The one place that’s been around for forever in Inlet Beach sells it by the truckload, except I don’t have a truck.  They do deliver, though 4 cu. yards is the only amount they deliver.  I only need 1 cu. yard, barely enough to bother with, but almost too much to fill with bags.  Argh!  I just want to plant a few veggies!  What’s the big deal?!

Another local place sells it by the bag/ cu. ft.  I’m trying to avoid going back to the big box store and borrowing a friends truck is better left for things like moving, not hauling around compost during work hours.  I resign myself to purchasing the bags I need, from the local landscaper for one bed.  In a few weeks, I’ll do the other bed, unless another solution presents itself in the next few days…*sigh*


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