Ross’ Gull & Congestion Pricing

No, they have nothing to do with each other or maybe they do.

First the Gull, no one mentioned global warming, but isn’t everyone thinking it?  I suppose we’ve all just become immune to those words.  Anyhow, this rare Arctic bird made it’s way down to CA, where hundreds of birdwatchers flocked to catch a glimpse.

Next, congestion pricing.  I think this is a great idea once they hammer out the details as they affect the residents of other boroughs.  Basically, transportation and urban planners would like to reduce traffic in Manhattan by imposing a fee to anyone that drives their car below 60th street.  All kinds of groups are jumping on board with this proposed policy in hopes of reducing the growing congestion downtown.  Of course, keeping in mind there are people that live outside the convenience of the subway, they would need to address this issue in order not to create undue hardship for those Manhattan workers.  Apparently, this charging concept has been implemented in London and has been shown to work.  They are expecting the population in Manhattan to increase by another 1 million people by 2025.

This is an example of some of the tough decisions that policy makers and citizens alike are going to have to make in order to change our course toward a more sustainable future.


2 thoughts on “Ross’ Gull & Congestion Pricing

  1. man, if i can hold on to my apartment in nyc ’til 2025, i’ll be able to live quite comfortably on the rent i’ll be able to charge! whoohoo! another million people there? how is that even possible?

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