Zeer Pots & Passive Cooling

Very interesting and informative blog post published in the Energy Bulletin about passive refrigeration and cooling.  I imagine that in the minds of a large percentage of the US population, these impressive, low technological solutions to our huge household energy consumers (refrigerators & heating/ cooling systems) don’t make a damn bit of difference.  The tables will certainly turn when our main source of cheap energy becomes scarce.  Unfortunately, there may not be enough people knowledgeable about such simple things that could make a difference in our lives post peak oil.  Or…maybe what will happen is most of civilization will be so clueless about how to garden,  build natural building systems and passively heat and cool their homes that anyone that is knowledgeable in such practices will be exalted as a neo-techie guru, instead of shrugged off as a leftover tree hugging, crunchy granola sort.  Ya know, those ones that build houses out of mud (rammed earth), collect rain water (water harvesting), and heat their homes with the sun (passive solar).  That’s crazy!!!  No, no let’s stick to the program of business as usual…the more nonrenewable resources we consume, the more we’ll have and if by chance we don’t, well then technology will save us.  What people might not be prepared for is that technology might come in the form of a Zeer Pot.  


6 thoughts on “Zeer Pots & Passive Cooling

  1. As for having a reputation as a hippie, I think we both have those “earth connectedness”(?) tendencies that all too often manage to have us clumped into that hippie category. Surely, there’s a better or more up-to-date word that describes what we’ve become. I’ll consult the urban dictionary.

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