Odds & Ends

I’m still trying to figure out my garden situation that I am now overly obsessed about.  Under the house are some left over deck boards which I initially thought I would build a raised bed from.  That was until I decided that p.t. wood probably wasn’t the best choice of material.  Then I figured I would cut down those pine trees (remember the ones that were infested with pine bark beetles?) and build a cordwood wall.  That would take care of two issues, disposing of the pine trees and building the raised beds, but alas, removing the trees is cost prohibitive at the moment.  Then I had another idea, which I’m still hoping will work.  My neighbor has some nice rectangular cut urbanite stacked up by their guest house.  I left them a note asking them if they would be willing to part with it, to which there has been no reply.  I’m not sure if they intend on using it or if they are possibly concerned I’m just someone who is looking to make a buck off them.  At any rate, I’ll have to wait until I see them working in the yard to approach them about it.  In the mean time, I decided to purchase this pond liner material and stakes that assemble into a raised bed.  My rational was that it’s affordable, easily rolled up and stored or can be moved to another location in the yard when I’m ready to build the permanent bed.

On the seed front, I’ve started some fresh ones: chantenay carrots and bulls blood beets.  Determined to have as little initial investment as possible, I made these little seed trays (pots?) out of rolled up newspaper.  So far so good.  The lettuce is doing well, there just isn’t enough to have more than one salad a week.  On a positive note, my next door neighbor told me she was inspired by my earth box garden and she’s started a few vegetables of her own.

And then there’s the animals… (big sigh) Elvis is great for a rabbit going on 10.  I strategically placed the compost bin near his cage so the compost is fed regular shovelfuls of rabbit poop.  Most Excellent!!  Cool, the sigthers 18 year old cat, is also in the same geriatric club as Elvis, though he gets along quite well.  Last week, he punctured his paw and wound up with an abscess that had to be drained.  Needless to say, he had to wear one of those Elizabethan cones while it healed.  We felt sorry for the little guy and at the same time it was a bit humorous.  Tango, the please rescue me-parvo puppy turned mange face, was completely mesmerized by “the cone” and couldn’t take his eyes off Cool.  Tango has turned into a handful and is beginning obedience classes next month.  The vet wanted to postpone neutering until he was healthy enough and now we are counting the days.  Meanwhile, Lola has turned into a complete mush pot, though she still maintains her position in the household and continues to startle unsuspecting guests.

Elvis   Tango & Lola


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