One Question for Starbucks

As a business person, I can certainly appreciate the growth that Starbucks has enjoyed over the years.  Sure, I’d prefer (provided I was fresh out of beans for my french press) to frequent a locally owned and operated coffee shop for my morning fix.  Who wouldn’t?  Unfortunately, this is not always the easiest option.  Where I live I can count 7 Starbucks within a 12 mile radius.  7!!  One would think I lived in a fairly urban setting, not so.  It’s pretty rural around here with no public transportation in sight.  Like I said, I drink my coffee at home for the most part, though I do like to carry my own mug in case I want to pop in one of the local coffee shops (including Fourbucks, I mean, Starbucks) and have a coffee.

My question to Starbucks is this:  If I purchase my own reuseable mug to help reduce the use of paper cups, what is the point of this exercise if the staff still makes my cafe latte in a paper cup, then pours it in my mug, then throws the cup away?  Could someone from one of the locally owned coffee shops, please teach the Starbucks staff how to make a 12 oz. cafe latte without the aid of the paper cup?


2 thoughts on “One Question for Starbucks

  1. That’s what I’m talking about! It seems all too often that it’s about the ‘perception’ of doing the right thing. Whether or not you actually do it, doesn’t matter. Frankly, why should Starbucks be any different from our Highest Office? They don’t even bother with that any more…they just say it’s in the name of National Security. Maybe Starbucks should say the same thing: We waste paper cups bec. it’s keep terroroist at bay. American’s seemingly would buy that argument.

    Like How I take a seemingly minor starbucks incident and turn it into a politcal issue?

    Power to the People!

  2. OMG!!! that pisses me off more than just about anything! ok, not anything but it’s definitely one of my top pissers.

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