New Theme

I hated to switch themes, but it was necessary.  I was fairly attached to the black & green combo of the ‘Green Marinee’ theme.  Anyhow, that theme was completely inflexible.  The width was too narrow so it chopped off some of my posts.  There were no sidebar widgets to add or rename, so I was stuck with that format.  Very frustrating.  I put in a request to wordpress for a ‘googie‘ theme, ya know, with some pink boomerangs in the background and some tiki heads, something Shag like.  I don’t think they are going for it.  This was a new theme they just came out with and I guess it’s as close as I can get to something retro. *sigh*

What’s new:

I’ve divided the blogroll into different sections for easier navigation, as well as included a brief description (hover mouse over) for some of those links.

Also, I’ve started creating the links so they open in a new window.  Thanks Lauri for always showing me a better way.  Heh.

That’s it for now.

Oh, wait, one more portmanteau – Shag (Josh Agle).


15 thoughts on “New Theme

  1. diggin’ the new look. i changed mine for about 5 minutes and decided it would involve too much retooling of former posts. so i’m staying the same… though i would’ve taken this one, had i discovered it first. heh. love the blog; i got caught up today. xo

  2. Oooo, so easy to navigate! so, easy to get around! it’s user friendly! it’s less filling! it tastes great! I get a nice little buzz everytime I’m here! is this not the perfect site or what?
    It’s like Happy hour in a web-page!

    Gotta go pee now….bye-bye.

  3. oh, but it is. and i have to say that just so this stupid little thread goes on… and on… that, and i think “johnbrown” is still in the loo. if i didn’t say it, he would. lol.

  4. Alright people- let me say this for the record..”I’m out of the loo. Thankyouverymuch” [suppose to say it like Elvis]. Now I hope the fact that I’m done with my buisness means that this stupid little thread has to end here. I don’t want to be known as a ‘thread-killer.’

  5. it’s ok to get your words mixed up… after all, you’r e intoxicated by the new look of the website.

    if only y’all could come over tonight and be intoxicated in another way… i think there may be a gambling party at my house tonight. but that’s just a rumor. heh.

  6. (lauri, come here… i have a secret. shhh… it’s just that her sigther is a little strange and a little slow sometimes. we have to cut him a little slack, you know? shhh….)

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