Um…collusive insanity revisited?

This is going to deviate a bit from my normal writing style.  I have an urge to do a little random thought – stream of consciousness writing that will just ramble from subject to subject.  Was that redundant?

For starters, another portmanteau, grood (great & good).  Lauri, I’m still trying to figure out sigther.  My significant other is typing a response to a recent comment on one of his posts.  He’s been at it for an hour.  I find this funny.  Can’t wait to read it in the morning.  I hope this doesn’t ruin his wordpress experience.

About this peak oil business, I’ve grown tired of the books I’m reading.  It seems it’s nearly impossible to make heads or tails of what this expert said versus what that expert said.  I’m going for affirmation in the “relocalization” arena.  Regardless of what catastrophe may head our way, relocalization I believe will minimize our pain and suffering.  What catastrophe you ask?  Well, it seems we (Americans) have been afforded the luxury of having conveniently forgotten the likes of events like the Great Depression, with ample reason.  Our rise to such industrial and capitalist heights will likely not last forever.  If we look around at current events, it’s apparent we are in the beginnings of a waxing and waning decline.  Decline – not in a negative sense.  Really what I mean to say is a transition to another era.  Decline will be the cry of those who choose to fight it.  Really, there is nothing else I can say regarding Peak Oil that hasn’t been said already by more astute followers.  Check out some of my links.

Now about sustainability (green living, eco-friendly, etc).  I really don’t care for the word much.  To me, it’s a tag that allows me to connect with like minded individuals.  I really don’t believe true sustainability is achievable, though I do believe it’s a worthwhile goal.  Living life conscious and accountable for our actions, now that seems more realistic.  Like Gandhi said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

I spoke of embodied energy in building materials previously and it seems to get a lot of inquiry.  Seriously, there are so many factors to consider when measuring the appropriate use of a material based on its embodied energy, it’ll make your head spin.  I believe true intent of use needs to be considered in those factors.

Finally, I just picked up  Peterson’s Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants of Eastern and Central North America and I’m relieved to know there is an abundance of edible plants right in my back yard.

One more thing, speaking of food, my mixed (surprise) bell peppers from Bountiful Gardens are finally bearing fruit.  They got a late start.  And you wouldn’t believe what color they are…puurrrple.

purple pepper 


10 thoughts on “Um…collusive insanity revisited?

  1. relocalization is the whole idea behind the ecohood. they have such a great idea. too bad moat of them have the better than thou attitude to go with it. i do really think there is something to that though. and whenever things do really shift, as much as i really want to be ‘way out’, i think that being closer to things, in town, is going to be the way to go.

    re: Gandhi… i think that is where i have gotten off of my soapbox and just try to love my life. people tend to shut down when you start to preach but see more when you are just living.

    those purple peppers are some of my favorite. just remember that they turn grey when you cook them, unfortunately.


  2. I love that quote from Gandi- Hey how about reorganizing the words to change the meaning or maybe say the same thing but differently? for instance, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” can be re-written as “See the world change in you must be” or how about ‘the world must want to see the change in you be” or “Change in you must be to see the world”.
    *Good to know about the peppers.

    PS: I love your writting style….

  3. yeah??? well, i take pride in the fact that i am a freak, and i take an equal amount of pride in the amount of freaks i know. so there, sigther! so take it as a damn compliment and rest easy.

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