CFH Design Studio Website

It’s been 6 years coming, but the long awaited website is finally up and running.  It’s a little slow with the photos & needs a little tweaking.  Well, maybe a lot of tweaking.  There’s no fancy Flash or CSS or java scripts, just plain “old school” HTML.  I’ve had some time on my hands recently with the slow down in the real estate market, so I was able to pull out my 1,079 page HTML book/ flower press/ door prop and brush up on some web development skills (like I don’t have enough to do, staying up-to-date on my Autocad skills).  Hence, nothing too fancy for now.  Fortunately, I think I’m in a good spot with my business, focussing on end users with a need to update and/ or expand their existing homes.  It certainly won’t hurt to finally do a little self promotion at this time.


CFH Design Studio, Inc.


5 thoughts on “CFH Design Studio Website

  1. hey!!! this looks great! beautiful designs and drawings. you have done a really good job getting this up and running. i’m proud of you little muffin!

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