Plyboo Tables

Wayne finally completed the assembly of my office tables.  They look amazing.  They are made from (2) 4’x8′ sheets of plyboo, natural steel legs from Room & Board and low profile steel “c” channel for support underneath.  The plyboo is finished with a waterbased urethane.  The tables I had previously were your typical architects tables: 2 filing cabinets and a solid panel door.  In need of more horizontal surface, we opted to upgrade.  That’s Lola, ejoying the new Flor (hides pet hair exceptionally well).

plyboo-table.JPG plyboo.JPG


6 thoughts on “Plyboo Tables

  1. Lauri – The new configuration of the office does make it seem bigger and somehow, even with larger tables, there is more room. I can actually spread out a set of blueprints beside me, which was not possible before.
    The Mistress – yes, just wait until Jordan moves out. You can still cook, right?

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