More on Embodied Energy

It seems that about 75% of my search engines terms revolve around embodied energy: embodied energy in manufacture, embodied energy co2, embodied energy building materials, etc., due to an excerpt I posted from the Living Green workshop.  So I thought it would be helpful to include some of my resource links about embodied energy.

Measures of sustainability – this site explains what embodied energy is and how it is measured as well as gives a list of materials and their respective eMergy values.

Cement and Concrete – this site specifically outlines the embodied energy in cement and concrete production.

Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems – this is the site for Pliny Fisk’s CMPBS.  In the 1970’s, Pliny Fisk pioneered the use of fly ash as a concrete binder substitute for cement.

Green Home Building – this site has some great information on natural building systems and their importance relative to embodied energy.


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