Incremental Adjustments II

It’s the small things that matter, so I’ve read.  I love to read the claimed statistics on products.  For example, on the back of the Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid bottle it states, “If every household in the U.S. replaced just one bottle of 48 oz. petroleum based dishwashing liquid with our vegetable based product, we could save 203,000 barrels of oil, enough to heat and cool 11,700 U.S. homes for a year!”


this claim about reuseable bags, “A population of 100,000 people can save up to 14,000 barrels of oil per year using reusable bags.”

I get excited thinking about the potential, though I haven’t found the proven statistics yet that show my and countless other individuals eco-choices represented as a positive impact.  If anyone knows of a source for such claims, please share.  It would be positive reinforcement to read in print that my small actions are helping to put an end to global warming and oil addiction.

Here’s the list of incremental adjustments taking place at our household with more to come in the future.

  • solar water heater installed as posted earlier
  • recycling – we don’t have curbside pick up so this takes a little effort
  • replaced 10 incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents – the light is fine for most areas but not good in the kitchen.  I’ll probably replace those with long-life natural light bulbs.
  • started a garden – I wanted to get a jump start on the garden and didn’t have much time so I purchased (3) EarthBoxes which work as claimed.  In the future we’ll create some raised beds.
  • to go in the EarthBoxes, I purchased Heirloom seeds from Bountiful Gardens. I highly recommend the cherokee purple tomatoes.
  • started a compost pile – again because I wanted to jump start this project, I purchased a ready-made bin from Gaiam that was made from recycled plastic.
  • reuseable bags for groceries – I love these bags because they hold more than the plastic ones, they are really sturdy and they are my favorite color…puuurrrrple.
  • general conservation efforts like eating in more,  combining driving errands, switch to eco-friendly cleaning products, etc.  You get the point.

 I haven’t addressed my vehicle yet, though I’m tossing around ideas.  Maybe an electric bike.  One step at a time.


7 thoughts on “Incremental Adjustments II

  1. The tomatoes were super tasty, very juicey, not too acidic and they ripened to a rich maroon color. That took a few tomatoes to get use to – the maroon looks dark brown on the inside and I kept thinking they had gone bad. Not so.

  2. i absolutely *love* those heirlooms. i think they could be one of my favorite foods on earth. stir fry them with someonions and mushrooms and ground turkey… put them with feta cheese and some baked tofu on a yummy piece of bread… right there on a spinach salad with some more feta or blue cheese… oh, maybe i’m hungry.

  3. Changes take a while to happen after reading about Peak OIl I am finding. Your suggestions for incremental changes are helpful along those lines.

    Talking of gardens, I have not started one yet but my brother gave me a few homegrown tomatoes. I was surprized at how sweet they were! I had forgotten how organic, homegrown produce tastes. Now I am looking forward to starting my own garden next year!

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