In my ‘significant other’s’ hasty verbal expressions of his ideas, he often combines and minces words.  Finding this to be humorous at times, I decided to investigate what was the name for this particular word play.  They are not unusual, it seems these words are rampant in our modern culture.  Portmanteau or Frankenword is the name they go by.  I think those two words in and of themselves are fascinating, not unlike the word palindrome, but that’s another post.

Here are a few portmanteaux to contemplate.  The first two must be credited to said ‘significant other’.  The others are primarily lingo relating to sustainability. 

  • flerbal – floral and herbal
  • commode – command mode
  • eMergy – embodied energy
  • arcology – architecture & ecology
  • glocal – global & local
  • biodiversity – biological diversity
  • greenwash – green & whitewash
  • petrocrats – petroleum & aristocrats
  • keytar – keyboard & guitar

So, the last one didn’t have anything to do with sustainability, but Jordan had one once and now I know what it was called.

For more word mincing check out aren’t you sorry you asked?  


4 thoughts on “Portmanteau

  1. Perhaps we should consider “sigther” for SO? I dunno, it was funnier before I said it out loud. And don’t forget the most obvious one (maybe the one that started it all): spork (or as I prefer: foon).

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