I thought I’d share a photo of the cute little boy, Tango.


He’s the puppy we’ve been fostering for the Canine Rescue.  It was through the Canine Rescue that I became involved with the Bark Park.  two years ago, I called the C.R. and inquired about Rosie, a little hound dog.  We couldn’t adopt her because we didn’t have a fenced yard and being a hound, they are prone to wander after any scent they catch.  So, we were told about a little blue heeler mix puppy, Lola that was up for adoption.  She’s the one we took home and fell in love with.  The person that was fostering her was a woman named Spike and it was her dream to start an off-leash dog park in honor of her late dog, Nyx.  She told me about her vision and I offered my services to help her put her ideas on paper so others could share in the vision.  For the last 2 years, we (a handful of women and fellow dog lovers) have fund raised, petitioned and appealed to the County Commissioners for help in opening a park.  Finally, we were able to secure 2 acres of land in partnership with the county to site the park.  With many generous donations we now have in place all the fencing, water, handicap parking, site prep., pet waste removal service, signage, benches, and a statue of St. Francis of Assissi among other odds and ends.  Today is the big day.  We will be joined by the Chamber of Commerce for an official ribbon cutting in recognition of the Grand Opening.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to capture a few pictures this afternoon to document the event.


7 thoughts on “Tango

  1. he is so cute!!! ok, now i understand why you were such a sucker….

    i am sending huge blessings to y’all for the hard work and effort that you put into the bark park. that is so exciting! can’t wait to see the pictures.

  2. awww, he’s really cute. i think. heh. very leggy. i hope lola goes easy on him. call me if there’s anything vet-techy i can help with. heh.

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