The Office Renovation

Bred out of a desire to become more organized (more productive), I began overhauling the office.  It was also a great opportunity to try out some eco-products.  Not that I believe we can save the world w/ the products we purchase, though I am a supporter of the idea that we “vote w/ our wallets”.  Of course, the most sustainable thing to do is nothing: don’t build, don’t eat meat, don’t drive, don’t breed.  Not very realistic for our consumerism/ status anxiety driven world.  Possibly, we can simply evolve into a society that makes environmentally, economically, and socially responsible choices.

Back to the office…..

I’m not necessarily endorsing these products just sharing

Chartreuse Fedora floor tiles by Flor

(2) Oh! chairs found at a yard sale

Plyboo tables (under construction courtesy of Wayne)

Cool world atlas wall mural (Lauri’s idea)

Ecoshades (not installed yet)



One thought on “The Office Renovation

  1. so jasmine wanted to know when we could go to FL to hang out in auntie chandra’s cool house. now that you have a cool new office, i really want to come! i need to look at that map so i can see where bora bora is.

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