Collusive Insanity

I must give credit where credit is due.  That credit is due to a reporter from the Beach Breeze that interviewed me following a local workshop I presented on the subject of sustainability.  What does collusive insanity have to do with sustainable design?  Follow along as I attempt to recall how this particular reporter summed up the move toward sustainability as collusive insanity.

He was a friendly reporter with a nice smile and plenty of knowledgeable questions.  Though, all along he would interject with his own obviously cynical remarks.  Often alluding to the hypocrisy of it all, to which I would reply, “we have to start somewhere.”  All and all, he put together a nice article.  During our follow-up interview he threw out the phrase “collusive insanity” as a description of the path to reaching sustainability.  Collusive meaning a secret cooperation to deceive others.  I guess he could be implying that the government et al. are deceiving us with their facts and figures regarding global warming, peak oil, etc.  No surprise there.  Insanity meaning irrational.  We/ they continue to do the same things over and over, expecting different results.  For example, we now have scientific proof that CO2 in our atmosphere is accelerating global warming, but the government continues to support big oil…collusive insanity.

I really just liked the way those words fit together.


3 thoughts on “Collusive Insanity

  1. i think the deception is that the government is now pretending to care about global warming (finally, i think it is accepted that it *is* happening). sure, they’ll give you a tax break for buying a hybrid car or installing a solar hot water heater but… they will continue to, as you said, support big oil.

    it’s that typical posturing that people (and governments) do to make themselves feel better without ever actually *doing* anything.

    it’s time to stop doing things (and this reaches beyond living green) because it looks good and start doing things that ARE good.

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