The Great Humbling

…that’s what I’ve been calling it, that thing a lot of us seem to be experiencing as we watch our assets shrink, our liabilities increase, and our networks deteriorate.  At times, it can seem a sad state of affairs, at others, it feels like we knew all along that the ever increasing, hyper-complexity of our lives could not continue. It was a distorted game of musical chairs, and many secretly sighed a sigh of relief when it started to unravel. Continue reading

Think Before You Spend

The data now backs up the belief I’ve long held about those individuals at the lower end of the affluent and higher education spectrum and their impact on the planet.  It doesn’t take a graduate degree in systems design to understand that more education and more wealth OFTEN equate to more spending and a larger ecological footprint. I know and work with many highly educated and wealthy individuals who express their status through vacations, multiple cars, large houses, boats, etc. Continue reading

Tag Green America

I receive a tremendous amount of “call to action” e-mails from organizations I belong to, most of which I skim through for juicy tidbits.  Sometimes I may forward them to another friend, but mostly, I like to live and let live.  I have a friend that e-mails me updates on local environmental news as it’s unfolding.  He/she is a dear, but it doesn’t take too many of these e-mails and I feel overwhelmed and/or helpless.  Living in Florida with a depressed economy, the e-mails are mounting, as one program after another is being slashed. Continue reading

Foraging for Golfballs


I’m finally getting around to doing the foraging that I talked so bravely about at the beginnings of 2008.  I dragged the significant other along for company and we headed over to the Pt. Washington State Forest just a short walk from out house.  I took note the other day of two guys getting out of a pick-up truck, dressed in camouflage, along side the road. I surmised it’s still hunting season and best to don my bright orange bicycling jacket.  I carried a backpack with water, my Leatherman, clippers, gloves, plastic bags and my plant identification books.  The Sig. brought his camera and off we went to forage. Continue reading